IN THE NEWS // Hawaiian produce wholesaler improves efficiency, accuracy and profitability

Produce Pro Software is pleased to announce that a new case study featuring one of its customers has been published at Produce Pro Software and Armstrong Produce worked together to develop the case study which describes how the implementation of Produce Pro’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) has increased efficiencies and provided a reduction in costs within the Armstrong Produce operation.

When looking at WMS options, Armstrong Produce had a clear list of objectives, including:

  • Improving productivity with order picking, checking and reconciliation

  • Minimizing errors

  • Increasing operational efficiency

  • Ensuring traceability down to the pallet and case level

  • Accessing all lot information in real time

“We wanted a better system,” declared Jingjing Verzosa, Systems Director at Armstrong Produce. The system that could handle all of those needs for Armstrong Produce was the WMS from Produce Pro Software.

“For me, the biggest surprise was the scope of the WMS and how it affected so many different parts of the company positively,” Les Watanabe, Assistant Director of Operations at Armstrong Produce commented.

Maintaining traceability at every step is also a cornerstone of Armstrong Produce’s business. The critical need for compliance is another reason why Mr. Watanabe appreciates the WMS. “With the WMS, we can trace product up to the last pound in the box. That’s how good it is. During a couple of our recent audits, even the auditor was impressed with the system.” 

Since implementing the WMS, Jingjing Verzosa added that she notices the difference company-wide. “I would say everybody at our company uses the WMS.” 

Armstrong Produce has seen a return on investment in multiple areas:

  • 40% increase in order selection efficiency realizing nearly $140,000 in annual savings

  • Over $3000 savings on paperwork per year

  • 75% reduction in errors

  • Within three years, the system had paid for itself

Download the complete case study here.